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Prolancerr is an online platform for established or professional Freelancers to collaborate with the Hirers on research and development-based projects, consultancy services, mentorship, and training. Prolancerr aid companies quickly find experts and specialist teams or individuals that can solve their business or technological concerns effectively and efficiently by accelerating their ideas and compiling their strategies in a creative way.


Before getting started with our website and the services we offer, you must thoroughly review and check all our Terms and Policies and acknowledge the User Agreement. By using our website and its services, you willingly consent to all the terms of this Agreement and its application to you. 

Responsibility of Platform Visitors

We cannot review and verify all the material like Community Post, Projects, and Proposals posted on the platform, therefore we won’t be responsible for that material’s content, use, copyright, and effects. We won’t represent or imply that the material posted is useful or harmful. Although our team will be available 24x7 for the users and will try to keep an eye on the activities as well. However, you are also supposed to take precautions that are required to protect yourself, your system from viruses and worms, and your image from destructive activities. We recommend keeping in mind our terms and policies before performing any irrelevant or destructive activity.


A User must not use and allow any other individual to use the platform and the Services it offers in a way that violates any local or International law or regulations. The User will use services only mentioned in the terms and policies. The minimum age to get started with us is 18 years as it gives rights and authority to acknowledge all these terms. Users must provide accurate, complete, and current information while getting started with the site. Users are suggested to notify the team right away if any change happens to the information that the site already holds about them in order to avoid any issue in the future. You must read and agree to the Eligibility rules and regulations.

Service Fee - For Hirers and Freelancers

Prolancerr is free to sign up with, send proposals for projects. However, we won’t bear the amount if you include any other platform that has its own Service Fee. You have to bear the amount by yourself and it will be shown to you specifically during the process.

Withdrawal Fee

Prolancerr’s payment processing fee is applicable upon the platform you choose to withdraw. Just like Service Fee, this will also be specifically shown to you during the process. To avoid multiple Withdrawal Fees, Prolancerr suggests you to withdraw your total money in one payment or you can also withdraw in pieces as well, all up to you. Money will always remain in your wallet. So, it will be your piece of concern to decide how much amount you want to withdraw and with which platform.

Additional Services Fee

Additional Service like if you want your proposal to be on top and get featured so that it can be easily accessible by the Hirers. Then our site will ask for some amount as an Additional Service Fee at the time. The amount will be visible to you during the process, nothing we will hide from our Users.

Dispute Handling Fee

In case the Hirer and Freelancer get in a dispute and will be unable to solve it through mutual discussion and by negotiating with others, then they can freely contact our Customer Support team. The team will themselves investigate the matter and will help both the parties to sink their differences without costing a single penny in return in the name of Dispute Handling Fee.


After fixing the deal with the Freelancer, the Hirer has to pay the money in advance to the website so that no trust issue pops up in between the parties. Once the Freelancer submits the work then the Hirer needs to give the green signal regarding the completion of the project. After this, the website will instantly transfer the money to the Freelancer’s wallet which he can use anytime to withdraw his money or transfer his money to his bank account. Extra charges will only be bank charges or will depend on the bank you choose for the process.


By using our services, you must guarantee and acknowledge that your content will follow our protocols. Content shouldn’t be inaccurate or misleading. It should be virus-free and shouldn’t cause any damage to our systems. It shouldn’t violate any laws and regulations. It shouldn’t contain obscene content. It shouldn’t infringe any copyrighted material or stuff.

Feedback and Reviews

You are allowed to leave feedback or put ratings about the services provided by the User or by us as well. You acknowledge that feedback, reviews, or ratings on our platform will solely belong to our team networks because then you will be transferring all the copyright of such material to us. You can’t use any of the information without our written consent. You are expected to be cautious regarding the integrity of the feedback system. Feedbacks and others will not be used to help us and other users only to improve the services on our platform.


You can’t advertise any other website or service on our platform. Any link posted on our website or any external website won’t be accepted by us and will be considered as an act of surpassing our terms and policies. Your account may get removed if you do so.


Communication must be done by using our messaging functionality only. You can’t post your email address, phone number, and other contact details publically or share them with the client to communicate through other messaging apps like Whatsapp. If you do so, the team will take strict action against you for violating the rules and for not considering our terms and policies in a serious way. In case of dispute resolutions or fraud investigations, we may access messages posted between both parties i.e. the Hirer and the Freelancer.

User Verification

We keep the right to undertake certain steps for the verification of your identity. These may include asking for the IDs such as a copy of a Passport or License. This is to only ensure the safety and security of our site and services. Additionally, it is also needed to secure the systems and Platform so that our Users don’t face issues repeatedly.

Limits and frauds prevention 

A Freelancer can only commence working on the Project after the Hirer transfers the amount to the website. To ensure that both the parties are treated fairly and payments are protected, we lock the payment in between and transfer or refund once the action is done. If a Hirer fails to respond then the Freelancer can raise a dispute which will be handled by our team. The same is with the Hirer, if the Hirer is not satisfied with the work posted or submitted by the Freelancer then the Hirer can contact our dispute resolution team.

Inactive Accounts

It takes a lot for maintaining, managing and administering the accounts on our system so those accounts that remain inactive for a longer period like 6 months then the User account will be automatically archived and they need to reset their password in order to activate their account again.     


Rights to Refuse Service   

By getting started with us or using our site and its service, you acknowledge that the Team Network is the sole owner of this website and reserves all the rights to all the services provided by this platform. You can’t breach, infringe or attempt to manipulate the terms of this agreement and if you still do so then we may suspend or close your account.  


Terminating your Account    

We keep the right to terminate your account at any time. If you put irrelevant content, spread vulgarity, or someone reports your account then strict action will be taken by our team right away and effectively without even a prior notice. These actions won’t be tolerated by the platform and will be considered an intentional act. 


Additional Terms   

It is required to review and go through all our terms and policies prior so that no issue will arise further in the future. That’s why we emphasize checking all our documents first carefully and then feel free to contact us if you have any queries regarding any of the terms and conditions.


Abusing Prolancerr

We remind you to mind your limits, tongue, and especially actions because we won’t bear any kind of abusive behavior by any of our Users whether it’s a client or a Freelancer. In such cases, we keep the full right to suspend or terminate the accounts of people who will be found involved in such practices. Even the prolancerr team won’t tolerate any misbehavior with themselves and will take immediate action against it.

NOTE: For any queries regarding the Agreement or to report any breach of this Agreement, please feel free to reach us at: support@prolancerr.com & veersingh@prolancerr.com

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