The following is our Refund Policy for services purchased from the website


Refund Policy is applicable only if a Hirer requests a cancellation order and the same is with the Seller aka Freelancer.

However, order cancellation must be a mutual thing to proceed with. A Freelancer keeps the right to approve and disapprove the cancellation request as there may be a chance that he will be done with half of the work and if then the Client puts in a cancellation request, then the Freelancer’s time and energy will go to waste. 

There could be a chance when a Hirer no longer wishes to continue with a specific project given to a Freelancer, similarly, a Freelancer may feel like not continuing with a project related to a specific Client.

In this case, the Hirer is supposed to contact the Freelancer that he has hired to get his job done, directly and convey the actual reason and his change of mind regarding the cancellation of the project.

Correspondingly, a Freelancer is too supposed to contact the Hirer regarding the termination of his responsibilities and of course the contract they have signed earlier.


First thing first, the Freelancers are supposed to work with the Hirers and deliver the Project as agreed. So, the hirer is supposed to pay the Freelancer for the work, in accordance with the agreed contract signed by both of them.

However, there can be some situations when a Hirer or a Freelancer may ask for a refund. Such situations and our policies to make them clear are as follows:

In case, a Freelancer has delivered the project or if the Hirer himself is not satisfied with the work delivered by the Freelancer, then the Hirer can ask for the revision but still, if the Hirer wants his refund then he will be refunded with the half of his money only. 

In case, a Freelancer is unable to deliver the work or changes his mind to not continue with a project related to a specific Client, then the Hirer can ask for the refund of the money that he has already submitted to the website in advance. So, as per our refund policy, the Hirer will be refunded with the entire amount right away by the website.

In case, a Freelancer has completed the half project, then the Hirer asks to cancel the project and for the refund then firstly, both are suggested to negotiate and validate whether to proceed with the deal or close the deal. If the deal gets close and both Freelancer and the Hirer ask for the refund then both will be paid half-half money of the amount submitted at the time of signing the contract. As the Freelancer is done with half of his work and the Hirer has asked to cancel the project before its completion, that’s why the amount will be refunded half-half to both of them as per our refund policy.

NOTE: Once your order has been canceled, the funds are placed in your shopping balance as credit. If you would like the funds to be returned to your payment source, you will need to reach out to our Customer Support team and they will be happy to start your refund request. REFUNDS MAY TAKE UPTO 5-7 WORKING DAYS. AMOUNT WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO ORIGINAL PAYMENT SOURCE.

We recommend that both the Hirer and the Freelancer must solve the conflict by mutual discussion. However, in case further assistance is required, then the Hirer or the Freelancer can feel free to reach us, we will try to assist you with our best.

Please keep in mind not to make any unreasonable or excessive number of requests for refunds or else we have to take strict action against you which may include suspension or closing of your account. As such things may affect your ranking and presence on our website.

For further assistance regarding the Cancellation and Refunds queries, please contact our Customer Support Team.

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