No Guarantee of a Fixed Income

We keep full transparency and freedom here. So, both the client and freelancer are themselves responsible for the negotiation and the deal that will be fixed by them. We don’t promise any fixed income as our website is an online platform that keeps an eye on frauds rather than a company that commits a fixed income that you gonna get every month. Whatever you will earn, will be an output of your effort and potential. There is no such role that we play in between to guarantee a fixed income to our users. So, before getting started with us, keep in mind that you will be paid according to your potential and the work you will take up to enhance your income.

Earnings may vary by Individuals

As we have said, your earning will be based on how much you will do. And not only this factor will decide your income but also the experience, expertise, and efficiency will help you to meet your desired income goal. If you are a fresher and have no such expertise, experience, and efficiency then also you can earn while learning things along. It may be not similar to an experienced one but you can earn some pocket money through your skill at low gigs. Everybody’s success is confirmed by their background, dedication, desire, and motivation. Every individual has their own spark that sets them apart. So, we don’t guarantee that everyone will achieve the same or similar results. Consider this as another factor to keep in mind before getting started with us.

Future Earnings

There is no guarantee or assurance that the past earnings will remain consistent in the future as well. We cannot give a word on our users’ future results. On the internet, nothing is totally right or wrong. There are some unknown risks on online platforms that we cannot foresee and that could reduce the results one experiences. So, in this case, we are not responsible for any action that takes place beyond our limitations. Here, all is up to you as nothing is hidden or kept away from the eyes of our users. Things will remain crystal clear so act wisely. This is another factor that we feel every new visitor must be aware of.


The use of information provided by freelancers and clients will be used wisely and with full security. Apart from this we also take responsibility if any issue occurs at the time of payment. However, success and failure are totally up to you because we can only support you but can’t serve on your behalf. We have some terms and conditions, privacy policy, and refund policy, so don’t forget to go through them before getting started with us. These policies will help you get familiar with our algorithms, limitations, and services that we are willing to give out.


All the information on this website -
http://prolancerr.com/ - is published on the basis of our purpose. Prolancerr doesn’t guarantee anything except this and beyond our limitations, so any action you take upon by misunderstanding or not keeping our terms, conditions, and policies in mind would not be supported by us. So, either go through all our policies before getting started with us or you will take the responsibility and risk on your own if any loss/damage would be caused in connection with the use of our website later. We will not be liable to you, so you are supposed to act accordingly.


Getting started with our website, you hereby consent to the disclaimer and acknowledge its terms and acknowledge its purpose to give you a prior alert.


If any change will happen in our disclaimer then those changes will be prominently posted here. So, to keep yourself updated with the changes, make sure you visit this document periodically.

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