Prolancerr.com is an online platform for clients and freelancers where they can buy and sell on-demand digital services. It helps freelancers to serve their potential in the right place and the right hands. Prolancerr welcomes those who work as a freelancer, struggle to get the genuine client and try to save themselves from frauds/scams. Also, it saves clients from buzzing here and there to get their work done by a verified freelancer. Prolancerr ensures to reduce the load of dealing with the scammers, no matter whether it’s a buyer or seller. It charges ‘Zero Commission’ unlike Fiverr and Upwork. So, whatever the client will pay, the same amount freelancer will get.




We aim to reach out to as many as people out there so that we can sustain the value of a fair deal between an on-demand digital service. Trust issues are what pop up in between while fixing any deal related to the services that the seller will serve and of course the quality of service that a buyer will get. We will monitor the entire process, witness things in between, and will take full responsibility if any issue occurs. 




We first started a blog on health and fitness. With this, we got the idea of establishing a platform where freelancers can feel free to build proposals suitably and work for the clients without thinking twice. The most common issue is the payment even after serving the desired work. 


When we were building our team, mostly freelancers were in doubt whether we would pay them for their work or just follow the same as other scammers do. Also, we have seen many screenshots of frauds that people upload on Facebook and LinkedIn to share their experience of being blocked after submitting the work to the client or blocking the client right away after taking the payment in advance. So, this made us realize the value of trust and why it is needed, especially on an online platform where people don’t know each other in person. This is how prolancerr came into existence and is looking forward to help freelancers cope with their day-to-day struggle.




Initially, we are serving our best with the most relevant features and with full convenience. But our future plans do exist and will be soon updated if things go accurate and in a good flow. The features we are keeping in mind will be served through an  ‘Mobile Application Launch’ which will be usable in both Android and iOS where both buyer and seller can comfortably negotiate on the services they gonna serve and get.  The notification feature so that our users can get handy with it without bothering themselves to visit the website frequently


2nd upcoming features that users can expect is one to ‘One-to-One Video Call’. This feature will serve ease communication and will ensure a fair deal through a ‘One-to-One Video Call’ discussion which can be recorded as well if any of them seek to. It will serve a screen share feature just like Zoom, mutual timings features and of course, the types of services they can serve and get by charging per minute. Such services include Counselling( Career counciling or social media counciling call booking), Teacher Student interaction (Learning), Projects, and many more.




We connect with people on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn regarding why they must give a chance to prolancerr and also regarding the quality of service we ourselves seek to serve without any sort of amount or benefit in return. So, do follow us on these platforms so that we can help you solve your fixes. We will give 24x7 support on these platforms as well. However, we also provide support on emails that we have categorized accordingly and lastly without any further ados, let’s build a community where no scammers can showcase their scamming skills. Cheers to more work and less concern.

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