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Writing a Press Release: How to Write a Press Release That Will Attract Media Coverage Press rele ... ases are an excellent way to generate free press coverage for your online business. The best approach to writing a press release is for a professional writer to create one for you. Your first step is establishing your objectives, your press release goals, and your standard metrics. If you are not familiar with writing press releases, you may consider hiring a freelance writer. Freelance writers are available through online classifieds ads or personal recommendations. In either case, you can ask potential writers for sample writing samples. When writing your first press release, remember that your goal is to attract attention. Write to a specific audience and create a catchy headline. Make your tone conversational, easy-to-read, engaging, informative, and concise. If done effectively, this style of media coverage can increased website traffic, new customers, credibility, and, of course, free press releases!

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